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About Us
Although we refer to 'our campervan' it is actually a 21 window Deluxe Microbus which is the top of the range model referred to as a 'Samba'. Since establishing VW days as campervan hire for weddings, proms and other events, our service, our campervan and our offering have delighted our clients. We think our campervan story is great, we have restored her ourselves over a 4 year period only relying on other professional services for the more complicated sections of the campervan. Read on for our story.

Our vwdays family

Our Story

VW campervan arriving from the USA
Our VW campervan arriving from the USA back in 2003!

We bought it from Texas in the USA after finding her on Ebay. We asked a nice chap from thesamba.com to check her out for us and after seeing lots of photographs finally finalised a price and got her shipped over to the UK in July 2003. After an anxious wait was finally over we were delighted to see a pretty much complete campervan and some boxes of parts which included a few nice surprises including an original westy roof rack and all of the chrome bumper trims. She'd sat for a while with a very leaky sunroof so the floor and cab doors were a complete mess and the interior was unusable. However the underneath was rust free with no underseal so a great start to a fantastic restoration journey.
After a few weeks we'd completely stripped her and it was time to attack the rust. We had the campervan sandblasted down which turned out to be a dreadful experience with repairs needed afterwards but eventually got to the point to choose some colours.

Our VW campervan stripped
Our campervan stripped down to bare metal, primed ready for colour!

VW campervan painted
Just after it was sprayed in the new colours!

We decided to be faithful to the old campervan and restore it to it's original colours, Titan Red and Beige Grey. While she was away being sprayed we started on the job of working on the old engine, polishing and restoring other sections to the campervan, giving everything a once over, and made sure everything was pristine.
We booked her in with one of the best interior craftsmen for custom and vintage vehicle interiors in the country and deliberated at great length on texture, type and colour of the material.

Inside the campervan we have successfully combined retro features with all of the latest mod cons. An ipod dock at the front seats and the rear bench seats, plus 12v and 240v electric points for the rear seats. A 15" TV screen for the rear passengers is situated in a white oak custom made cupboard which is connected to an on-board DVD player and a playstation 3 can be provided.

Campervan with new interior
Part of our new interior

campervan interior
The rear seating

Integrated TV Screen
Showing the integrated TV screen

Campervan interior
With the side door detail showing the rear seating

Samba safari windows
The front cab and the safari windows

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